About Anil’s Select
Luxury hand-picked Ceylon tea

We offer decadent hand-picked Ceylon tea carefully curated by tea master Anil Fernando.
Our company was established in 2013, and initially started selling tea to several countries worldwide including the UK and Korea. Having developed strong partnerships in the tea industry, coupled with the founder’s love, passion and dedication to the art of making tea, we have now created an exciting new brand of tea – Anil’s Select.

Inspired by his late father who was a trailblazer in the tea industry, Anil, together with his wife and two innovative daughters, have created a line of exclusive Ceylon tea products under Anil’s Select brand.

Each product under the brand, which span from single origin estate teas, to blends of timeless classics to modern and luxurious flavours, is carefully hand-picked and crafted with great care and thought. Our products have been carefully designed selected using only top quality, exquisite tea making them the perfect indulgence for tea connoisseurs, and additions to boutique hotels and high-end stores. We also offer bespoke tea with private label packing that is customisable for all occasions such as wedding favours to corporate gifts. Our tea is available in both loose format and pyramid tea bags for your convenience.

Anil’s Select tea is made from world-renowned Ceylon tea which is considered to be among the finest tea produced in the world and is reputed for its signature aroma and taste. Our 100% Pure Ceylon Tea is sourced only from Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) tea gardens from diverse regions in Sri Lanka approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Our products are 100% ozone friendly, and sourced from estates that treat their employees with respect. We are also ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2005 certified.

Find out more about our history and the people behind Anil’s Select below.

Humble Beginnings and Hard Work

Anil’s story begins in 1953, when he was a child in his father’s tea garden in Deniyaya, Sri Lanka. Often left to his own devices, he was a curious child with a fascination of all things tea. His love and curiosity of tea made him follow in his father footsteps at the tender age of 19, after his father's untimely demise.

He began as a ‘creeper’, a term reserved for trainees in the tea industry under the guidance and tutorage of a legendary tea planter of the bygone era . Shadowing him, as is the custom of the tea industry, Anil learnt the intricate workings of a tea estate from its very depth in the valleys to its highest levels in the mountains. He grew to become a true expert of tea cultivation, manufacture, tasting, blending, tea estate managing and the tea culture.


Learning the Craft

Throughout his stay in the industry, Anil’s love and dedication to the craft has given him a true appreciation of the dedication that goes in daily to produce an exquisite, top quality batch of tea. It was this respect for the craft that enabled his long stay in the tea industry and earned him a well-respected legendary status. Throughout his years he has picked up and developed relationships that perhaps no other tea artisan could rival.

Although Anil stepped down from the tea plantation industry in 2007, his love of tea led to the start of his own tea export company, Vivo Tea Company Ceylon Ltd in 2013 which initially sold tea to the East India Company in the UK and to Korea. This venture has helped the company develop strong long-term partnerships that have become the backbone of the business.

Anil’s Select Brand: The Next Generation

Today, alongside his daughters, Anil continues to craft amazing blends of tea that unlock emotions and invigorate the senses. His daughters have brought innovation and drive to the fold, resulting in an exquisite line of tea products under the ‘Anil’s Select’ brand which complement the modern world yet maintain its roots steeped in tradition.

Anil and his family are dedicated to ensuring that, through his craft of tea, he provides consistently high quality exquisite tea while makes a positive impact towards everyone that contributes to creating these fine teas.


Faces of Anil’s Select - Ours is a family affair, with a history spanning three generations.


Yasasilu Fernando

Yasasilu Fernando started off the family tea legacy when he joined forces with his uncle who bought a tea estate in Deniyaya, a low country tea estate from the United Planters Co. Ltd in 1942. Better known as Silu, he was a popular personality with an active role in local politics. Developing a sound knowledge of the crop, he became a trailblazer in the vegetative propagation of tea and pioneered the building of a tea factory at Ensalwatte, Deniyaya.

A jovial character, Silu was a keen rugby player and a great story teller. Following his untimely demise at the age of 45, the mantle was passed onto young Anil who was only 13 at the time.


Anil Fernando

Anil has 45 years of experience in the tea trade and has spent much of his life among the green tea fields across the Central Hills of the island. Having entered the industry at just age 19, he went on to run some of the largest and well-known tea estates in Sri Lanka.

Anil is a qualified tea taster, and well known in the tea industry for his knowledge and expertise on the subject.He is an avid reader and enjoys spending time with his grandkids.


Suramya Fernando

Suramya is in charge of local partnerships, leveraging her natural ability to work with people and her visual merchandising ideas. During her time in the tea estates she worked tirelessly for the welfare of estate workers and their families.

As Anil’s loving wife and mother to their two daughters, she is also the heart of the company, providing support and encouragement to everyone.
Suramya is a passionate gardener and homemaker and is also a fabulous cook.


Ayanthika Fernando

Ayanthika is the eldest daughter of Anil and Suramya, and brings her knowledge of Food Science and Biotechnology to the business. She holds an MBA from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales and a B.Sc (Hons) in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Colombo.

Having previously worked at the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) in Colombo as a research scientist in food technology, she is highly adept and knowledgeable on healthy natural ingredients, which she uses to develop innovative and exciting tea blends.

Ayanthika is enthusiastic about cooking for her friends and family and experimenting with natural products to create skin care products.


Dulmini Fernando

The youngest Fernando daughter, Dulmini handles the business operations of the company. With a formidable accounting background coupled with an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, she brings a wealth of experience in international trade having worked for multinational companies.

Dulmini is passionate about mountain hiking and camping and manages an excursion at least once a month despite her busy schedule.